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ABBA Costumes

Are You The “Dancing Queen”?  Authenticate Your Title With Your ABBA Costumes

The years of the 70’s gave birth to dicotheques and disco music. It was during this time that a famous quartet gained popularity with their singing voices and their out-of-this world ABBA costumes. Even today, in disco parties, the songs of the famous singing group are among the favorite music, set in the air amidst dancing aficionados. And if you want to really be the dancing queen of the party, attend and don ABBA costumes.

ABBA could be everyone’s favorite singing group. Their story is remarkable – an inspiration to would-be band members or singing groups. The history of these famous singers started when Bjorn Ulvaeus met Benny Andersson in 1966. They are both lovers of music, singers for that matter but they adopt differing genres. Despite their difference, they formed a partnership in composing songs. In 1969, Bjorn and Benny met the other two members of the group -  Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad who are also enjoying solo singing careers. The foursome became known as ABBA and their song ranked high in different surveys and billboards. Agnetha and Bjorn married in 1971 and the other two members likewise tied the knot in 1978, but unfortunately are already divorced. With the unprecedented popularity of the quartet’s songs emerged a new trend in fashion – the ABBA costumes and accessories.

Today, parties having disco theme are characterized by attendees’ ABBA apparel. Every lady wants to get a hold of the perennial title “dancing queen” – which originated from one of the most popular songs of the group. ABBA costumes are elaborate. And if you are going to buy them, you would spend a great deal on them. They really come expensive. But, you can also be a do-it-yourselfer in ABBA creations. You just have to be resourceful and search the internet on how to make great ABBA costumes?

 Agnetha’s style is white dress with frills and Frida, in their concert tours used to wear spangled min-skirt. The cat suits that the members of this group wore during their tours were all fabulous. They accentuated them with funky belts. They wore wigs – long blond wig with fringes or a roxy red wig Frida-style. For the male ABBA outfit, you can wear the ABBA male silver and blue patterned shirt. A matching belt should go with the trousers and of course – wear the signature ABBA wig! And to complete the ABBA scenario – start singing the “dancing queen song”. If you want to go further, carry another accessory – an inflated guitar!

Typical ABBA costumes are long sleeved shirts for men. The women wore long-sleeved dresses with giant bells attached to the outfit. The dresses and shirts have high collars which are folded over. Laces are usually the trimmings in the front bodice and completing the attire is a wide belt. The pants comprise of three layers of ruffles which run below the knees. If you have budget for a more expensive ABBA costume, go for the satin outfit. But if you want an expense-free ABBA costume, have a flowy top or shirts worn over a mini-skirt or bell bottoms pants. But remember that ABBA costumes are color coordinated. And don’t forget the wig!

If you are going to the disco, the best attire is ABBA costumes. Either you buy one or improvise one from your existing wardrobe, remember that they should be color coordinated and with wide belts for accent. Wig is a must to complete the ABBA look.