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Bell Bottom Pants

Know The Different Variations of Bell Bottom Pants

Pants and trousers had undergone different styles. Bell bottoms which had started during the 60’s had transformed – had undergone its own metamorphosis. To whom shall we credit the original design of bell bottom pants? Would they be the hippies?

The origin of bell bottom pants is still unknown. Some historical data reveal its origin to be the U.S. Navy and this was in the 19th century. They describe aptly the uniforms of these naval people to be very wide pants ending in a bell. Although this data has been known, it did not receive much credibility due to absence of documentations.

It was in the middle of the 60’s that the bell bottoms became a hit fashion in Europe and America. In 1967, it received accolades in high fashion and became a part of the hippie counter culture movement. The costume was made complete with the presence of various accessories – the love beads and granny glasses. Tie-dye shirts went well with the bell bottom pants. From that period in the 60’s bell bottoms had undergone different variations and cuts.

Different variations of the bell bottoms style include the flare pants, loon pants, boot-cut/leg pants. Bell bottoms are pants or trousers that start to be wider from the knees downward. This cut of pants was identified with the hippies and their culture.

Bell bottoms are pants or trousers that start to be wider from the knees downward. This cut of pants was identified with the hippie culture. The bell bottoms are said to be fitted tightly around the hips and thighs.

Flare pants came as a resurfacing bell bottoms in the 1970’s. Then came other styles of bell bottoms. The boot leg or boot cut pants also came from the originally called bell bottom pants. This is tapering to the knee and it becomes wider at the hem to accommodate a boot. Hence, this was termed boot-cut. As the fashion comes and goes, the hem of the boot leg pants began to be cut wider just like the bell bottoms but this was never again called bell bottoms. The term flared pants was more used because this has more appeal for marketing purposes.

Another style of pants derived from the bell bottoms was the loon pants. This is just a shortened term for balloon pants. These pants are more flared from the knee than the bell bottoms and the entire leg was too flared. The elephant bell pants resemble the loon pants but these are designed more for denim cloths. The elephant bells had a distinguished flare below the knee and more often, they cover the shoes of the wearer. They are not only wide but the cut extends almost to the ground in order to cover the shoes.

In the 1980’s the parachute pants was the fashion and in the 1990’s the Grunge look was the style of flared pants. Though there are many pants that originated from the bell bottom, the term bell bottom per se never again was used as style

The boot cut pants, since introduced, never left the fashion world. Today these flared and boot cut pants are cuts of denims and other pants materials. The boot leg pants replaced the bell bottom pants which in the present fashion, there are no traces of bell bottoms – only boot cut and flared.