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Festival Clothes

Wearing The Right Festival Clothes Gives Comfort And Style

Different seasons of the year mark different festivals, not only in the United States but all over the world. Going to festivals are often look forward to and as such, the main concern is centered on the festival clothes to bring and wear. Of course when you go to the festival, you are contemplating on the style and comfortability of your apparel. Wearing the right festival clothes can give you all the pleasure of the occasion. Would you want to be out-of-place because you wore the wrong outfit?

First guideline in going to a festival – know the theme of the affair. Your outfit will be matched with the theme of the festival. Your apparel has to conform to the venue of the festival. If you are going to a celebration to be held outdoors, you should wear clothes fitted for this.

Here are 3 sample festivals with recommended attire for each.

Safari Festival

Your clothes should not be bold and colorful. Bright colors attract jungle animals so these loud colors should not be worn in a safari festival. And, you do not wear maxi skirts when going to a safari. It should usually be shorts or sturdy pants. The earthy colors are given preference so with the camouflage material. For accessories, you can wear big sunglasses, a hat or cap, belts with hooks where you can hang some camping paraphernalia. Recommended shoes are boots – jungle boots and not the heeled stylish boots. You can also have bags for your accessories. Most appropriate bags are belt bags, body bags or small sized-backpack.

Music or Film Festival

This festival is a formal affair and the venue maybe in a concert hall, air-conditioned and lavishly set-up. You also have to dress formally – as much as possible in gowns. Jewelries go well with formal dresses. You can wear any color of apparel. However, for formal affairs, black is the best preferred hue. Black gives more formal sense especially when the material used for the gown is also of the formal side. Suggested materials are lace, satin or velvet. The gown can have some sparkling effects so you can have designs that make use of beads, sequence or stones. You can have a formal jacket or shawl to go with the gown. Your hair should be coiffured or styled and done in a formal fashion. Your footwear is also formal – heeled shoes or sandals are the best.   And as a final ensemble, the bag or clutch bag should also be formal – not the big ones, just small handy purse will be nice.

Halloween Festival

This is usually a costume party. So, you should really know the theme of the feast. However, most Halloween parties take the retro outfit as motif. So with this, you can go Bohemian or hippie. This festival will not require you for much fuss in preparing the get-up. You can first search in your closet some old-styled outfits that you can modify to suit the theme of the festival. You can have your loose denims and make it into a patchwork pants and have a tie dye shirt for the tops. Ladies can wear loose peasant dress with floral designs. Even the footwear will not require much preparation. You can just put on your sandals or boots. What is important here is to make your attire entirely colorful to reflect the hippie culture of loose, comfortable and colorful dressing.

Dressing for a feast will never be a problem. Your only guide is the theme or motif of the affair. As such, remember to wear your appropriate festival clothes.