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Flower Power Hippie Costume

Hippie Expression Of Peace – Flower Power Hippie Costume

Can you recall that period when people sport that patented peace sign and wear their controversial flower power hippie costume? Who would not remember the years of the 60’s?  This is a revolutionary period both in culture and fashion.  This is the period when non-conformist, idealistic people came out in the open and fought for what they believe in. And they started with their attire and appearance. This is the beginning of the flower power hippie costume.

The hippies dressed with eccentricity. This is perhaps to make them easily distinguishable. The hippie attire consists of bell bottom pants, boho attire, psychedelic outfits and flower power garment. They are accessorized with the peace pendant. Ladies and women of all ages show their hippie character through flowers, thus they were then known as the flower power hippies.

Flowers are peace offering, flowers are symbol of serenity. It is on this belief that flowers became integral in the culture of feminine hippies.

To start with, the dresses, skirts, blouses and pants of women of all ages adopted the floral designs in textiles. Their clothes were remarkably lively because of the choice for loud and vibrant colors. The dresses are peasant style, loose although they can be in different length of hemline. Whatever the cut or design of the clothes, the hippie clothesline is loose and comfortable to wear,

As for the men, they too are sporting the new hippie style for pants or trousers. The pants, like those of the women were hip huggers. Then the cut of the pants is bell bottoms starting from below the knee to the hemline. There were arguments then that the more it is bigger at the hem line, the better if becomes. Hippies began to customize their shirts – just to demonstrate their non-conformity to the style of the day. It was from these 60’s hippies that the tie dye shirts are attributed. But, it should be properly remembered that men wore special shirts which have floral prints and the neckline has a noticeably big collar. 

What footwear can match the hippie attire? Here is a vast selection of footwear. Fancy laced-up boots go with dresses of shorter length. Moccasins, sandals and Birkinstocks are acceptable hippie footwear. Or going barefooted is even acceptable. The final get-up is accessorized with the peace pendant and wide belts. To match the hippie theme, the handbag can be made of patchwork of floral cloths. Some other accessories are hair clips and head bands with flowers attached to the hair accessory. Add bangles or bracelets and necklaces made of shinny beads of different colors.

Flowers were adopted by the hippies as their sign of peace offering. The underlying credo of hippies is to foster peace among people, and they expressed this in wearing their flower power hippie costumes.