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Flower Power Outfits

Express Your Hippie Attachment Through Flower Power Outfits

What do you know about a hippie? Maybe the idea that comes to you mind is – hippies are people wearing out-of-fashion flower power outfits, untidy with long hairs and bums around the corner. You are in the greatest mistake! Hippies are noble people and you only see them with unconventional appearances because they want to show how they oppose the current societal environment and set-up. Actually, they were admired so much so that the culture survived from the 1960’s to the present. The greatest expression of their character is through their flower power outfits.

Hippies aimed to bring new ideas to the world. They are extreme advocates of peace and love. We are not privy on the lives of hippies but it is a fact that they wore different costumes as a sign of their opposition. Examining closely, you will find their brainchild truly beneficial to the people and society.

The garments worn by the hippies are the greatest expression of their culture. Because of what they wear, they are easily identifiable in a crowd. That time, men wear clean-cut hair. To contra this, the hippie men began to grow their hair and wear them long – sometimes they tie them into ponytails. More are more easily spotted because of this hair-do.

Hippies are very much noted for their eccentric clothes. Well, they just seem to be such because they are not conventional. This was done intentionally to project the different the hippies want to impart on the public. They go for the floral designs – as flowers were their sign of spreading peace and love.

Men and women are alike in the choice of pants. They wore them with bell bottoms – again a deviation from the standard, again a sign of contradiction to the existing norms. The materials for the flared pants can be in solid colors or in floral designs. Whatever it is, they see to it that their outfit is loose and comfy. For the tops, they also went for the floral designs. The polo shirts of men are floral with wide and big collars. Although the dress shirts are already comfortable to wear, added to the selection of toppers are tie dyed t-shirts, which they usually do themselves. The women had more options. They can wear dresses or blouses and skirts and the length is not standard, where they can go short or long.

Footwear is again non-traditional. They wear boots or moccasins or sandals. Many did go around bare-footed.

Accessories are requisites to complete the hippie attire. Wide belts are worn around the waist. The peace sign pendant hanged in every hippie neck – as if telling the world – “Hey! Let us spread peace and love”. Other accessories are loop earrings, bangles and bracelets. The ladies’ hair had clips with flowers, headbands with flowers and ribbons in colorful colors.

Hippie clothesline had been adopted consistently by many designers so much so that even at this modern period, there are still many hippie designs applicable – particularly the flower power outfits. Hippies will continue to live in this world, We can depend on these people to fight for changes in the community, particularly in economics and politics.