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Hippie Chic

Hippie Chic Invades The Fashion Stage – Is Making A Big Come Back

Hippie chic – what could this mean to you? To anyone ordinary, this refers to a hippie person who is very fashion conscious (chic so they say). But if you search in the internet, you get somewhat confused. There are on-line boutiques with the business name – Hippie Chic! However you construe it, you will find out that they are the same in content. You are presented with the styles and fashion of a hippie.

This time around – the hippies are again hot – making a come-back in the world of the run-ways and haute couture. You will find a clothes line with features of a hippie designed by world famous fashion designers. You will find them the center of fashion shows attended by the rich and the famous. So – would you say hippie chic is ordinary? It is vogue! Hippie fad comes and goes – but for many parties, hippie attire or costume is always a favorite dress code.

As they come, little changes are introduced to make the present fashion a little different from the precedent mode. One example is the female bottoms. A few years back, the bottoms were flared, years earlier, they were bell-bottoms but now, they are skinny. But whatever  the cut, you will find the underlying principle for which the term hippie evolved.

Conspicuous with hippie attire are the colors. They go for psychedelic, bold colors – not the solid colors. With the vibrant hues, they express their unconformist personalities. Some of the attires of the hippie chic have intricate designs. From beads and embroideries in the preceding year, now they have gems (Swarovski?) and pearls (South Sea pearls?). Hey – ordinary person that you are, do not be dissuaded with these outfit accents. You can make your own hippie attire without those expensive gems and stones. Why do you pay for the clothes created by designers? Is it the brand or the eccentricity of the design? If you go for the design – then dig the creativity in you and design your own hippie attire. After all, designers create beautiful clothes line with just their single weapon – creativity.

The key to hippie fashion innovation is details. As the current trend is skinny jeans, match them with a paisley flowing tunic. Pile on your arms an assortment of bangles. For your ear accessories, hang chandelier type of earrings. Hang on your neck custom necklaces in alternating lengths and colors. Wrap your ankle with anklets that match your necklace. Add a little glamour by wearing a jeweled head band. As a last touch, you can put on that leather high heeled boots.

Some other suggested hippie chic outfits are wig-leg pants (contrasting the skinny bottoms), flowing maxi skirts, flower and psychedelic prints for your tops. You can choose the material from different fabrics: lace, chiffon, silk, knit, suede and even the ordinary cotton.

Accessories of a hippie chic: head gear with flowers, a hippie purse with the “hippie peace logo”, necklaces, bangles, anklets. You can always wear anything you like. This is the beauty of a hippie outfit – your attire never gets over-decorated – the opposite of the traditional dress code.

Want to be a hippie chic? Wear as bold colors as you want and any kind of non-traditional clothes.