Fun Dresses Galore!

Hippie Dresses

This is a hippie world – you are welcome to join us? Some persons are called hippies because they are radical and inclined to changes. This usually is a misnomer. 1960’s marked the emergence of a group called hippie (hippy).  They are just non-conformist people;   yet very peace loving. They go for vibrant colors and as such hippie dresses are very electrifying. They adopted flowers as their group symbol. The hippie movement started in North America and Europe and spread all over the world. We are now in the 2010’s, do hippies still exist? How do we distinguish them in terms of hippie dresses?

Let us assess your looks and appearance – are you a new generation hippie? Examine your clothes, are these reflective of hippie dresses?

What do hippie clothes look like?

Tops and Bottoms

One of the most common attire of a hippie is the tie-dyed tops or shirts. You will seldom buy the tie dyed shirts; you can make them out of ordinary plain shirts (usually white). This is how you can do it – fold the material, tie a part with string or rubber band, deep that portion in bright colored dyes. Let it dry and there – you have the hippie dress. Or when summer comes, be a hippie wearing an alter tops.(for ladies) and boxer shirts (for men).

 To match the tie-dyed tops are jeans (today’s fad) which usually are fringed – the more fringed, the better and more hippie-like. The jeans are hip-hugger and are bell-bottom. Or – girls can use a mini or micro skirt.


Hippie dresses are accented by equally dynamic accessories. You can use wide leather belts, vests or jackets. Your peers may use combat and fatigue jackets and vests. The accessories usually carry the flower symbol – in the belt’s buckle, as a pin or even as a pendant for necklace. The symbol is an indispensable part of your outfit. Anklets are also part of the accessories. This highlights your shared ideology of peace.


You can go barefoot – but this makes your feet dirty. You better wear boots – go go costume boots are the “in shoes”. However, for casual wear, opt for leather sandal, which by any standard is more comfortable.

Hair style

Girls are bound to wear flowers on their hair or wear a hear gear accessorized by flowers. If you have some kind of “Pocahontas” headband, then this can be the substitute for the flower symbol.

Facial hair is also integral. Men wear beards or moustaches. But if you belong to this human species, have this facial hair trimmed regularly. You are not the untidy kind many thought hippies to be!

All these hippie dresses and accessories are still available. Many shops have them. So if you are in search for a hippie dress for your costume party, have no worry. You can make your purchase almost in every mall; or if you are money conscious make your own dye-tied shirt. Make fringes on your jeans! It is really no sweat! Now – join me in my hippie world.