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Hippie Jackets

Enhance Your Looks With Hippie Jackets

 Do you want the eyes of everyone in the subway turn to you?  Yes, it is cold weather but you can have the eye-catching look by wearing fashionable hippie jackets. You do feel a different feeling when you see people admiring your attire. You do not need expensive or exclusive designer’s clothes to look trendy. The designs and styles of hippie jackets are sure to magnetize even the most fastidious people. Well, if your objective is to be in fashion, let these kinds of jackets bring you to the arena of marvel.

Although jackets are primarily to provide extra warmth to the body (just like sweaters), you unconsciously open the trend of fashion with your hippie jacket. Without intentionally doing it, hippie jackets draw people to have a glance at your attire. Why? They are very different from the jackets of traditional persons. Hippie jackets are adorned and they come in different styles. The materials may not be the conventional textile used in the ordinary jackets you see – in the racks and in catalogues. But – there are also designers who create these kinds of jackets. Why not? There are many moneyed hippies who will be willing to spend on a beautiful and extraordinary hippie jacket.

The basic characteristic of hippie jackets, just like any hippie apparel, is the choice of colors. Vibrant and dazzling colors characterize the hippie jacket. This gives an animated and energetic feeling which is the inherent personality of every hippie. The materials also are varied – cloth, leather or leatherette, corduroy and many more. There are many styles and cuts to suit the persona of the wearer.

Hippie jackets can be of different length. The choice could be waist length or hip length. And jackets can be sported with short sleeves or long sleeves.

One major style of hippie jackets is the front closure. They can have buttons, zipper or snaps. The buttons can be as decorative as possible, in different shapes, sizes and colors. Zippers can also be an accent to the jacket. In today’s modern fashion, you will be amazed to find out that zippers come in variation of colors – whether with plastic or steel teeth. Although the snaps provide ease in closing the jacket’s front, they are less decorative compared to the buttons and zippers.

Pockets are again a major revolution in the hippie jackets. This is one part of the hippie jacket that is emphasized. One notable type of pocket is the “kangaroo” pocket. It was given that name because it is placed in front of the jacket. The jacket is closed to the mid length and the pocket is placed in this mid-section. There are pockets with flaps and there are those without. The pockets can be placed up (breast site), down or side. The pocket can have different shapes – rectangle or square are usually used. It is very common that decorative patches and embroideries are sewn on the pockets. Other decors can also be placed on the pockets. Most hippies would want a patch of their “peace and love” signature logo. Some jackets are also imprinted with hippie statements thus making the apparel a statement jacket.

There really is no limit to the style of hippie jackets. You can buy a designer’s hippie jacket on-line. But if you want to spend less, you can buy any ordinary jacket and put an array of multi-colored patches. Once you wear them, be ready for accolades.