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Hippie Pants

Bell Bottom or Skinny – Do you Want To Wear Hippie Pants?

What kind of bottoms do you want to pair with your new hippie top? For your bottoms, you can have a hippie skirt or a hippie pants (for the ladies). The men really have to wear their hippie pants to match their hippie shirts. How would you choose the bottoms?

Are styles exclusive to men only? No, is the answer; they are for both sexes and for all ages as the bottoms are unisex in design. What style is worn by men are also the styles sported by women and children.

As you are going to sport a hippie outfit, you can go all the way to whatever you want – no restrictions. For your hippie pants you can choose faded denim, ridged corduroy or you can opt for the soft khaki cotton and rayon. You can even use a printed textile – flowery, psychedelic, checks or polka dots. It is really your choice – hippie.  For solid-colored pants, you can put appliqués, embroidery or patchwork. To make it different from the traditional pants – more hippie look. This is the beauty of hippie fashion – you can go all the way, any way to your delight!

The most common style of pants associated with the hippies is the bell-bottoms. And from this bell bottoms came other similar styles, but the basic is still pants with wide bottom. What are bell bottoms? These are trousers – both for men and women. It is tapering to become wider.  The tapering starts from the knees downward to the foot.

The loon pants are one kind of the bell bottom hippie pants. The name of the style was shortened from “balloon”. As from the style, these trousers are wider than the bell bottom and the flare is more on the entire leg.

Elephant bells are trousers that are similar to loon pants – meaning very wide. But, the difference lies in the material used for the pants. Elephant bells are usually made from denim. The denim textile must be soft to create a flowing flare. They have a distinctive widening below the knee reaching even wider at the ground level. They are worn covering the wearer’s shoes. So the hem is to as far as the ground.

The boot-cut hippie pants are modifications of the bell-bottom pants. They taper to the knee and become loose around the wearer’s ankle. The flare is less wide than the bell bottom. As the term boot-cut, the cuffs or edge of this type is measured to accommodate the boots of the hippie.

Flare-leg hippie pants are better favored than the bell bottom from which it originated. These are like the boot-leg pants, only they are wider at the hem than the boot-cut.

The exact opposite of the bell bottom family of pants is the new trend of the skinny jeans. If the bell bottoms taper loosely around your legs, the skinny pants are the exact opposite. This kind of pants clings to the legs of the wearer, from the thighs down to the hem. The body shape and legs of the wearer is accentuated.

Remember pants are worn by all sexes and all ages. For one, they are more comfortable bottoms. Wearing hippie pants is a trademark of a hippie person. Regardless of your tops, you are distinguished as a hippie because of the style of your pants.