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Hippie Purses

Hippie Purses – Are They Very Expensive Accessories Of A Hippy Lady?

The final touches to hippie outfits are the accessories. You can have a hippie head gear made of ribbons or bands with decorations. You can wear wide belts with chains while toting hippie purses. You can go around with all the hippie jewelry – necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and anklets. And as you finish dressing up and ready to go – you get hold of your hippie purses.

Bags or purses, these are very important to the hippie lady. When you leave the house or your office, you always have to carry with you several things – money, lipstick, keys and the like. So – you have to put them in a purse. Since you are sporting a hippie outfit, the purse should be a hippie purse or hippie bag.


Hippie purses can come in various materials. They can be made with genuine leather or leatherette (cheaper as this is synthetic leather).  There are purses made of fabrics – silk, cotton, denim, corduroy. Some other materials used are canvas, rattan and plastic. They can be made in solid colors or printed fabrics. Prints can be floral, checks or abstract – again depending on the option of the lady.

Sizes and color

Hippie purses can be of any size – depending on the preference of the hippie chick. The size usually is dependent on the things to be contained inside the purse. If the purse is only for money, then it can be a small one. Hippie purses can come in different colors – the more vivid the more hippie-like.


The purse can be a coin purse, a clutch purse or a zippered one. It may or may not have a strap. Then, if it must have a strap, the length also varies. The interior of the purse can be padded or not. The closure also is of differing style, where it can have a snap, zipper, buttons or just tied around. As this is a hippie purse, it can have other trimmings. It can be attached with bows, ribbons. It can be ruffled or pleated. It can be beaded, embroidered or appliquéd.


The prices of hippie purses can be cheap or expensive, depending on the materials used, the craftsmanship and the brands. Hand-made hippie purses, customized hippie purses and vintage hippie purses usually are the highly priced.  Why is hand-made purse expensive? The making of the purse takes a longer period of time and the labor cost of hand-made is more. The customized hippie purse will need other designs and decorations (special) and since this is one of a kind, it will also command a higher price tag. Hippie purses made by famous designers also have higher prices than the generic ones. And for the vintage – this type is usually the most expensive. They are already antiques and as vintage, may carry with it some sentimental or historic value.  

You cannot go out without accessories and you cannot move confidently in hippie style without hippie purses. You need to have more than one purse because each of them is used differently – different purpose or different occasion. You cannot carry a small coin purse to a party. Neither can you bring along a beaded purse to the park. So this is one aspect of hippie life where you do become selective.