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Hippie Sweater

Cold Weather Is Here – Hippie Sweater In Vogue

The season is changing. It is getting cold and you have to adjust to the weather condition. But you have also to maintain your hippie outfit. You are a hippie and whatever is the season, you have to go in style as a hippie. You feel the cool surroundings; it marks the time to bring out your favorite hippie sweater kept in the drawer of your wardrobe cabinet. You know that hippie outfits come and go, so a hippie sweater follows the trend of coming and going. But if you want a new one, you have several things to consider. The best way to know the latest on sweater fashion is to refer to your big library – the internet.

What have you found? There are different styles of hippie sweaters.

Sweater Vest – This is a sleeveless sweater, placed over a topper. You can wear this if the weather is not too cold. Or you can use it under a cardigan sweater, or even under a jacket.

Pull-over Sweater - This is a sweater without any front or back opening. You put it on by pulling it over your head through the neckline cut. The neckline is usually a V-cut and when you put it on, you can give a nice peek on the shirt underneath. This allows you more style especially in harmonizing your hippie sweater with a plain colored shirt underneath. But round necks are also nice to look though the peek with the V-neck is more prominent.

Cashmere Sweater – This sweater is the perfect choice when the season is not very cold; when you need just a little warmth without the hassle of bulk. The cashmere style can be worn alone, without any shirt underneath. They are very light for comfort.

Turtle Neck Sweater – This sweater is just like the pull-over except for the neck part. The turtle neck makes the sweater warmer as it covers the whole neck. The neck takes the place of the scarf in providing the warmth for the hippie’s neck. This is more appropriate to use during the colder winter months.

Cardigan Sweater - This type of sweater is open in front. Buttons run from the neckline to the waist. The cardigan sweater can be waist length or hip length. You can wear it with the front buttoned or opened.

Hooded sweater – A hood is attached to this sweater. The hood can be fixed or detachable. The front can be open as in the cardigan or not as in the pull-over.

Most sweaters use yarns or knit for the material. Why? They provide the needed warmth and they can fit snugly to your body. But the main point in picking your hippie sweater is the color and the design when knitted. The hippie sweaters usually are knitted with different brilliant colors of yarn. The hippie sweaters can further be accentuated with different clothing decors. Sweaters with front openings like the cardigan can have decorative buttons. You can even attach an embroidery patch of the hippie peace and love sign.

With the sweater, you can still be glamorous despite the cold weather engulfing you. There are no strict set of rules for your hippie sweater. This is the good thing why many people turn to hippie fashion. You go with whatever style you deem appropriate.