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Ladies Disco Costume

Nostalgia of the 70’s Through Ladies Disco Costume

Looking back to the 70’s can bring back melancholy memories but it is also fun to look at the charming legacy of this decade. This was the time for great dancing, music and ladies disco costume. It was great to remember John Travolta, the Beetles and especially ABBA whose lady members, Agnetha and Frida wore fabulous ladies disco costume.

Today, parties are themed to once again relive the happy days of diva icons and dancing queens. Thus dressing in 70’s decade costumes becomes easier that dressing like super heroes. Perhaps, just going over our closets, we will find retro outfits that could be a fashion statement of the 70’s and the disco era. And have you known that these disco outfits are fun to look at and yet easy to replicate?

The seventies is characterized by bell bottoms and the disco music. This was also an era when extended hippie culture can still be felt around. The ladies were partying with their bell bottom pants (from hippie era) with tops that are shimmering and sparkling. Yes – this was a time when ladies’ disco clothes were adorned with glitters and sequence.

Ladies of the 70’s were totally funky and as dancing queens can liven up the affair. Many of the styles of the period can still be found in some styles and designs of the modern fashion. Couturiers have incorporated some ideas of the 70’s in today’s vogue – maybe in a more subtle way. Bell bottoms better known today as the flared pants or its bootleg derivative found way back to the current fashion.

What to wear today to replicate the disco costume?

The fancy outfits of the 1970 disco divas as seen in the dance floors of this decade of discos are mostly catsuits and hot pants. Then the sexy tops are glittery, haltered and colorful. Footwear can be the Go-go boots and ladies should not be wary of wearing lots of accessories. Colored sunglasses are fashionable so with the long hair wigs or afro look.

Women of the 70’s were costumes that are mostly tubular. If you will go to a retro costume party, choose a colorful and bold mod dress. Or another option is the one piece jumpsuit with wide bell bottoms. It should be noted that the wider the bells at the bottoms, the better and more appealing the costume is. They can be really flirtatious and sexy and you will surely be an eye-catching sight. Make the materials of your outfit have wild retro prints and surely – all attention will be drawn to you.

Disco is fun and music is a release of tension. Go and dance the night out with your ladies disco costume. The 70’s is back and wistfulness engulfs you!