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Modern Hippie Clothes

Modern Hippie Clothes And 1960’s Hippie Clothes – How Do They Differ?

Peace and love – these are the forefront of the campaign of the eccentric group called hippie. This group emerged in the mid 1960’s as a counter action in defiance for the standard norms in politics and in society. These people in today’s world continue with their ideals and they still wear the apparel they used before – modern hippie clothes. Hippie people of the yesteryears have long hair and they wore sandals, tie dye shirts and bell bottom pants. The present day hippies and their modern hippie clothes had not deviated from the standard clothes of hippies of the 1960’s, although a little subdued today.

In the “now” society, many adopt the principle for which the hippie group stood before. But these present-day non-conformists are no longer called hippies. They are given different names such as leftist, rallyist and others but never hippies. There are still those who spread the principle of love and peace – these modern day hippies are no longer called as such. Many of us now are hippies in our own way, maybe not in lifestyle but in fighting for our rights and for what we believe in.

Modern hippie clothes are just like the old hippie apparel. When pants are worn, these are flared or bell bottoms and for the tops, it is usually a tie die shirt. The tie dye shirts are already a mainstay in fashion. But the bell bottom pants, though many would go for it, has been replaced with the flare pants. Bell bottoms and flare pants – they are just the same, the difference being in the tapering to the hem line of the pants.

The peasant long skirt, as well as the peasant top is still used today. The person wearing it though does not call her attire hippie anymore. Modern hippie clothes come in different colors, designs and clothing materials. Any print or color can be a hippie get-up so long as the attire does not lose the peasant look. There are those that still dress in odd ways – similar to the way the 1960 hippie does but their semblance stops there. They are not the people who fight for a cause – very unlikely for a hippie.

The world of fashion accepts any design, no matter how eccentric it may be. And more than that, the clothes are not absurd to be discarded. In fact, there are times when the eccentric clothes are trend setters. The modern hippie get up becomes a fashion statement.

Hippie values remain in the modern world. It does not matter if the modern hippie clothes are adopted or not. What should be inherited from these people is the principle of freedom from restrictions and freedom to express one self.